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An Important Privacy Notice from Foster Assessment Center & Testing Service, Inc.


In the course of doing business with you, we collect personal information about you to provide you with our products and services. We treat it as confidential. We value your business. We also value your confidence in us. This notice describes our privacy practices. We ask you to review it with care.


This notice describes our privacy practices for personal information about our California customers who obtain services from us. It is required by law. This notice also applies to information about our former customers.


Personal information we collect


In order to perform our services, we collect information about you. We may collect it from more than one source. We do so to provide you with the coverage, product, or service you request. We also may collect it for other purposes, such as to process information, investigate potential possibilities, or to service requests.


       - We collect information you give us on applications or other forms. Examples include your social security number, date of birth, and other information.


       -We also may collect information we receive from other agencies or support organizations, or from other third parties. Examples may include but are not limited to pertinent medical reports, educational records or employment history. Reports that we receive from a reporting agency may also be kept by that organization and disclosed to other parties.


How we protect your personal information


At Foster Assessment Center & Testing Service, Inc. our customers are our most valued assets. Your privacy is important to us. We limit the access of our employees to information about you, to those who need it to do their jobs. We require those to whom we permit access to your information to protect it. We maintain safeguards that comply with applicable laws to guard your information. These include physical, electronic, and procedural safeguards. We do not disclose any information about you, as our customer or former customer, except as required to provide you with services.


Personal information we disclose


We may disclose any information we collect about you as permitted by law and without your prior authorization. Examples include:


       - To those who need this information to perform normal business, professional, functions for us

       - To a professional or institution, to verify benefits or to inform an individual of a problem of which the individual may not be aware

       - To law enforcement or another government authority

       - To a regulatory authority * To persons conducting research studies

       - To a party to a proposed or consummated sale, transfer, merger, or consolidation of all or part of our compan  y

       - To persons that perform marketing services on our behalf, as permitted by law

       - To a group to report experience or conduct an audit of our operations, but only as necessary to conduct the review or audit

       - To professional peer review organizations to review the conduct of an institution or professional

       - To a government authority so that it may determine eligibility for benefits for which the authority is liable

       - To a person identified in our records as having a legal or beneficial interest   

       - To an individual when the information disclosed is from certain reports and supplemental reports.


We also may disclose information with your written consent.


We are permitted to disclose health information to process your transaction with us. This may include, for instance, to process claims or to prevent fraud. We also may make disclosures with your written authorization and others allowed by law.


Personal information we share with our affiliates


We have a number of affiliates, social service agencies, state and federal and county entities, including but not limited to:


       - The Department of Labor,

       - The Department of Rehabilitation,

       - The Department of Veteran's Affairs

       - CalWORKs GAIN Workforce Investment Act

       - Department of Industrial Relations

       - Department of Social Services


Selectively sharing your information with them helps us to offer you a more complete range of services. We may share any of the information we collect with our affiliates to the extent allowed by law. We have several types of affiliates. Some are other types of service providers, such as management companies and accounting firms. We are allowed by law to share with our affiliates our transaction and experience information with you without your authorization. To the extent allowed by law, we also may share information about you with our affiliates for marketing purposes, without your authorization.


We also may share report information that we generate or have received from you and from third parties, with our affiliates. This may include certain application information you provide. This also may include information we obtain from testing, observation, or other third party information. We may change this privacy notice


We may change our privacy practices in the future.


If we make changes, we will update our privacy notice, if necessary.


Other Privacy Policies


Any rights you may have as described in this notice that you may have as a consumer or claimant, are not limited by other privacy notices that we may use.  




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